So Bored!

getting pretty bored at current job position

Getting pretty bored at current job position. So trying out new technology in different areas of computing by creating a couple of projects.

Starting out with the one closest to Front End development.

Web Back End Technologies

For this I’ve chosen Django framework, because I’m already familiar with Python (I could have chosen Node too, but I enjoy writing code in Python, as compared to JS)


URL Shortening Service Use Case: A user can enter a long URL and can get a short URL opening which redirects user to the entered URL.


  1. Keep track of hits per URL.
  2. Allow user to create their own URL by using their choice of string.

The list is too fragile but the idea here is just to write down some of my goals and try to complete as much as possible. I will be adding a “progress” page for each project where I can “tweet” progress and possible make some notes.