Web Application Security

starting to deep dive in web application through younger eyes

a teenager and cinema

Recently, I have been trying to revisit things that had enchanted me to pursue computer science when I was in school. I remember computers and hacking scenes from films like Matrix , Terminator, Swordfish felt like magic and power.

Few tap, tap, tap on keyboard and targets were getting neutralised, bank accounts received millions, bad guys got caught in an enhanced image etc.

Ahh, those days.

Movies do tickle our mind when we know nothing and they bore you when we do. We have watched guiding missiles by SVGs to using React for creating Hosts in Westworld but things are not that easy in the real world.

Many of the great engineers are trying very hard to make applications and devices secure by default. Phones, laptops, smart watches, cars and many more are built to work without compromising any information but they do not guarantee the same if they are used under compromised environments or behavior.

To err is human. We hesitate to discover, neglect warnings and constantly overlook.

the request response tango

Everything we do over a web browser is the result of some requests and their response from the cloud. How these applications are webbed together to create something that can help the society to overcome it's issues, communicate, trade and even save lives.

As a developer we create, build, deploy web applications every day and use various tools that reveal layers below them. What can a user do if he knows his way around these tools ?

Let's start journey to know where we can fail and how we can avoid that.